Saturday, September 27, 2008


I love pets. We try to adopt them and all of my little furry family is made up of adopted pets. One ex homeless cat, one adopted muti-mix (I hate the word mutt) and one older adopted baby (got him when he was 8) Now you wonder why I start this blog with information about unlucky become the luckiest of pets? Because I think that human relationships are more or less like that. My little adopted 8year baby (now 13) was given away by his former family once they had a baby because he the doggie bites at times. Well, I think how this was kind of sad having to take in a pet for such a long time and then once they've got a baby to just give him up. But I love that little guy. There is nothing he could do to make me ever give him up. I think sometimes people stay in abusive relationships because they find something that they love in the other person. I am not promoting abusive relationships. All deduce is that there must be a reason for a person not to leave wheater it is out of fear, dependance, lack of resources or whatever the reason(s)