Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaching Girls Morals and How to Be Strong

Join Curly as she learns about faith, strength, impermanence, imagination and more.

Intended for children ages 4+

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Everyone Belongs

One day while Curly was on her way to the water spring and had just exchanged her usual greetings with Mister Donkey and the sheep, she met a little porcupine sitting all alone by the road. “What are you doing here little fella?” Curly asked him. He told her that he had gotten lost while sniffing the grass and had found himself in an unfamiliar place away from home. “Little prickly fella” Curly said, “would you let me help you? “Yes” he replied as a small tear rolled down his face.
Curly then took a large plant leaf and placed the little porcupine on it and gently carried him to her home. She called “Grandpa, grandpa, this little porcupine surely has a home and a family. He is lost. Let’s take him to his home”. “Yes!” grandpa said. “Everyone has a place where they come from”. He told her.
The next day, Curly and grandpa brought the porcupine into the woods where he last remembered being before finding himself at the road near the pasture. As he smelled the air, the little porcupine said that the air there smelled more like home and thanked them for carrying him there. After all, it would have taken him many days to walk there even if he knew the way. His little feet would have gotten very, very tired if they had not carried him along the way. He told them that his feet were too short and small and that he would have never been able to walk thus far so quickly had they not carried him. They waved good bye and each went their own way.
Grandpa explained to Curly that certain animals are not meant to be our pets and that they are happiest in their own homes, in the wild. He told her that not hurting these creatures was important because they, like people, deserve to be happy and free. Curly remembered this lesson and how important it is not to hurt anyone or anything in nature.