Monday, May 23, 2011

Low Libido in Women

                                              Rossi Davis, Psy.D

There are multiple causes both psychological and physiological.  Your physician can administer a hormonal panel test.  It is a blood test where the levels of your hormones are tested. Changes in hormones can affect your libido and whether you can orgasm.

After a woman has a baby, the level of prolactin in the body changes. That can affect sexual desire.

Besides medical intervention, there are other natural options used by women. Women also produce testosterone which affects the libido.  Natural supplements that can be used are Tribulus, Macuna Pruriens and Maca. Ssupplementing with oxytocin can also be helpful as well as introduce some novelty in one's sexual life.

Other factors that can influence one's libido are depression, certain medications, anxiety and painful intercourse.