Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bureaucratic Frustration

Here is my latest one-
I am a licensed counselor and applied to be a counselor/provider for one of the mental health insurance companies. I got rejected today (because they "have too many counselors in the area") Isn't this ridiculous? I am going to appeal this because I can provide counseling and hypnosis in 4 languages and do not believe there are that many others in the area who can do so.
If a person/client wants to shop and "hire" any of us out there, so much the better. Variety is best; don't you think? The insurance does not really owe me anything unless I file a claim once I see a client (and you wait about 3-4 weeks to get your little check from them). They won't lose money if I don't get to see a client. They pay a measly $42 an hour (of which as a contracted counselor I would have to pay 30% to the company where I would do the counseling) But the catch 22 is that if I am not on an insurance panel I won't be able to get a contractor opportunities...
So, do the math and figure out what frustrations are out there for poor counselors like myself. To even make a decent living you'd have to see people 6 or 7 days a week all day long (and I am only trying to do this on the weekends) since I have a different job during the week. I need to mention that if a client does not cancel and then no shows you waste your time and gasoline driving to the office. If a client at the end of the sessions says "oops, I forgot my wallet.." you don't get paid at all or you don't get paid the patient' co-pay...
I guess one goes to school and spends thousands of $ (I owe a second mortgage on my schooling and licensing) works at practicums for free for 9 months and then begs and fights to work in ones field. Yeap!