Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Hate going to the stores trying to find a parking spot, dread the long lines and people who would happen to try and look at the exact same item as you do etc...????
Make it easy on yourself. Here is how - my tested ideas -

1) (has free shipping on many items) or $2.95 (also you can use the bill me later option and won't have to pay for 90 days)

2) Fredericks of Hollywood has many items on sale (cheaper than Victoria's Secret and even sexier)

3) Venus has wonderful deals on outfits and accessories

4) Swanson is great if you're buying for a health nut (they have the most affordable herbs and supplements) 5) for beauty products and books

6) A.R.E. has horoscopes for reasonable price (you can get one for yourself or someone else)

7) Let's not forget the option for a gift for the two of you from Adam & Eve

8) for the Chocoholic of course chocolate from Dan's Chocolates

9) for the Euro kafe lovers check out Gevalia Coffee and thier gift options

10) Palm Beach Jewelry has affordable gifts (and even a 3 months 0% payment plan option)