Sunday, October 26, 2008

Calcium Rich Vegetarian Options

Have you heard of the amazing “thermogenic” properties of Calcium? Yes, the easily accessible to us calcium which you can find right in our kitchen. Thermogenic means having the ability to burn fat and convert it into energy in our bodies. What a better, easier and cheaper way to lose weight? Recent study findings show that we can shed those extra pounds by increasing our intake in calcium rich foods. Research points out that people who ate a diet rich in calcium were quite successful in losing weight. It appears that calcium can lead to weight loss by increasing fat break of fat cells.
Many dieters reduce dairy products in from their meals. However, yogurt may in fact help the body to burn fat and thus contributing to a desirable slimmer body. Data shows that those who included yogurt in their diet regime lost more weight than those who only reduced calorie intake. The calcium which is present in dairy foods is shown to be absorbed promptly that that from cereals and vegetables because dairy products contain nutrients that assist in calcium absorption. Other beneficial qualities of calcium from various sources are attributed to its aid in clotting of the blood, maintaining healthy bones and teeth and in controlling what your body does with calories.

on this blog, you will find vegetarian meal choices and recipes which do not aim at treating obesity and /or providing a strict nutritional regime. Rather, they may be used along with your exercise routine, fitness, medical and nutritionist’s professional consultations.
Remember to eat healthy, live healthy, and to be environmentally mindful.

Meal Suggestions
1. Breakfast:

Toasted wheat bread (2 slices)
1 small container of yogurt
Several medium size dried or fresh figs
1 8oz glass of orange juice

1. Lunch:

2 Wheat tortilla wraps filled with tofu (see under recipe section)
1 cup yogurt with fruits
1 8 oz glass of skim milk.

1. Dinner:

½ cup of mustard greens (steamed0
Broccoli, cucumbers, dark leaf greens salad sprinkled with feta cheese oil and vinaigrette
A singe serving of refried vegetarian beans

Fact: Did you know that calcium is an essential element in our diet and the most abundant mineral in our bodies?