Monday, October 27, 2008

The Law of Attraction or Hard Work?

The Power of Intention Part I
I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and generally won’t watch reality shows. This weekend though my hubby called me over to see a reality show about the “house wives of Atlanta” I watched it very briefly. The questions that popped up in my mind were “why there is a reality show about millionaire house wives (the average women do not really identify with them) and (why are these wealthy women in a show?) It’s not like they need the money. I was not surprised to see that they cared about fashion, brand names and other frivol ties. That is fine of course since they can afford whatever they want (or at least the money they’ve got from where ever were allowing them to lead a certain life style)
Now some of you may say “what about the law of attraction”? What about it?

The law of attraction does not work by wishing and waiting. If someone wants something in life, whether it is wealth, love, respect, kids etc, one has to work towards that. In the example of the house wives – well they worked through it trough marriage and what not. To elaborate on the law of attraction- that really is not a new concept. It did not start with The Secret, or with Ask and it is Given, it did not even start with Wayne Dyer’s the power of intention. Some of you may have come upon this concept from Wattles writing grow rich, Jose Sylva’s Method,…..A Bulgarian spiritual teacher by the name of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov also mentioned this in his writings as the Law of Correspondence or the Boomerang Effect. There are of course others before him that did so as well and the list can go on.

If you want to get something or achieve something you’ve got to set goals for yourself and pursue them. I believe that whatever you focus on you draw that to you. If you focus on misery, you get bogged down. If you focus on love, you’re more loving towards others and they at times return your love. You get the idea. I suggest you take with a grain of salt who teaches you that wishes just manifest. There are certain things that just don’t. There is not going to be snow in the desert no matter how long someone there intends for that (unless you’re considering the Saudi Arabian man-made ski resort) Intention and manifestation are not magic. You get results out of your attempts. I am very weary of teachers who proclaim other wise. I will talk more about it in another post.
Copyright: Dr. Rossi Davis