Friday, November 7, 2008


Amatokin- Youthful face a jar away?

Amatokin is a cream that utilizes the body's natural stem cells to rejuvenate the skin as it aims at reducing deep facial lines. The cream was developed in a Russian laboratory with the intent to heal burn victims. The cream was fist released to consumers in France.
The original cream contained of a 153 amino-acid polypeptide which showed to effectively heal scars that caused by severe burns. Amatokin stimulates the production of stem cell that are otherwise damaged by environmental factors and the aging process itself.
Amatokin is made by Voss Laboratories which is a company that is owned by Basic Research – the makers of StriVectin! Amatokin’s effectiveness is based on about 15 years of research.
“Stem cell creams” are seen by some as the future of skin rejuvenation as they offer safe non invasive alternative to botox or plastic surgery. Some of those who have used Amatokin report improvement in skin appearance, renewal of older skin tissue making it look younger and firmer, elimination of deep wrinkles and more.
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