Saturday, November 15, 2008

Law of Attraction Part II

As promised here are my two cents about that (continuation from part I)
If anyone teaches that what you wish for comes true we'd all be rich and famous. You cannot just sit and cross your fingers and wish, and wish, and wish. Actually, you can but that is not what works. If you have a desire to get something in life wheat er it is a new job, a car, a partner etc, you will need to not only clarify that goal, you'd have to make the necessary steps to get that. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. When "The Secret" came out, I was not really surprised at how many people took that information and ran with it. I am a believer in the law of cause and affect. I believe that certain things are circumstantial and that some are reactions to some action(s) in the past. For instance, if someone hates you, perhaps you either did something to cause that or they are just a low life- you did nothing they are just a hateful person. I do believe that at times when you smile the world smiles back at you (of course if you do in the psych ward with all the institutionalized suicidal patients) that may not happen (don't blame it on karma or say that the law of attraction is not working) It is what it is.
Can the mind cure the body? Yes, in certain cases hypnosis is show to be beneficial in the removal of phobias, pain, rashes etc. Can the mind cure AIDS or cancer? I am not going to make that statement. When wide sound research shows that it does then I'd say yes it's possible. Do I believe that meditation is beneficial? Yes. Do I believe that you can be a slave to your mind when you get depressed or addicted to something? Yes. Can the mind move mountains (kind of- when a group of man with bulldozers and dynamite gets together and clears the path for a train rail to be placed) Use your mind constructively but don't think that wishing only will bring you your desires. Been there, done that!
Copyright: Dr. Rossi Davis