Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tired of Adult Acne?

Adult acne is caused by an oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. This sebum clogs pores and thus attracts bacteria. As a result the skin becomes inflamed. In some adults, facial breakouts occur as a result of the presence of male hormones - such as testastrone. Female hormones such as estrogen can also triger acne.
Step2 Some ways to treat adult acne are:
Using gentle facial cleansers. Try to get Cetaphil and Aquanil but any other mild ones will do. Avoid those that have granulated beads as they may even further irritate the skin especially if you have sensitive skin. Good cleansers have salycilic acid, tea trea oil and are non comogenic leaving the sking feeling clean and soft but not overly dry.
Step3 Use lotions that contain bezo peroxide and salycilic acid. You will have to use them on a consisten basis as their effect wears off when you halt using them. Benzo peroxide kills bacteria while the salicylic acid dries the inflicted area.
Sulfur masks and clay masks are also great (although it is not know how exactly sulfur works)
Step4 You may decide to consult a dermatologist for prescribed medications and lotions such as Clindamycin lotion (has antimicrobial properties), Retin A (although initially this prescribed lotion opens your pores which in the first few days may cause more break out) Benza Clean cream or resort to using oral antibiotics.
You may also use a blue spectrum light like Glo Lite that kills facial bacteria. Visit the crankychicks store for products.