Friday, January 2, 2009


If you are not invested in your partner on an emotional level, you are not making love. To make love is to be connected on these two levels – emotional and physical. Sometimes couples do not even realize that this is causing a problem in their relationship. You probably just know intuitively that something does not feel right. A true partnership functions as a union. This means that when you partner is depressed, stressed out and discontent with something in his or her life that you find the time to attend to his or her needs. You do not just go to bed, have sex and fall asleep and then wake up and go on with your day in the morning. When your partner’s experiences become your own concern, you will know what a true partnership is. Only then, you will find true intimacy and a fulfilling relationship. Find some time to help with chores around the house. Try not to read your newspaper or watch TV during dinner and do not answer phone calls during those times when the two of you are spending quality time. Find time to compliment each other. Do not neglect your appearance just because you’ve already found someone to be with. Take risks and try new things together. (Liked what you've just read? Consider getting the book or making a donation)

Excerpt from : Couple's Communication Made Easy (audio book)