Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentine's Day on a budget

1. Jewelry at shipping is $2.95 (also you can use the bill me later option and won't have to pay for 90 days)

2. Frederick's of Hollywood has many items on sale (cheaper than Victoria's Secret and even sexier)

3. Venus has wonderful deals on sexy outfits and accessories

4. Let's not forget the option for a gift for the two of you from Adam & Eve

5. For the Chocoholic of course chocolate from Dan's Chocolates

6. Palm Beach Jewelry has affordable gifts (and even a 3 months 0% payment plan option) on jewelry, perfumes/colognes and accessories many of which you can personalize.

7. Don't want to spend on a fancy dinner? Get a bag of Bertolie pasta, a nice red wine, candles, put on some nice music and voila

8. Bake a heart shaped cake (everything you need you will find at your local grocery)

9. Give each other a massage with massage oils or lotion

10. If you're are getting flowers consider a local flower shop versus delivery from country wide vendors (you will save money on shipping/handling ) and the flowers arrive fresh. You may also get flowers at your local grocery store. Many wonderful flower arrangements and beautiful roses can be found there for a cheaper price.